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♦  Please take a moment to visit our 2014 WolfTrack Classic Sponsors. Without their continued support this race would not be possible each year. A big Thank You goes to State Farm in Ely and Cook for their Premier Sponsorship and support of the 2013 and 2014 WolfTrack Classic Sled Dog Race.

♦  A large Thank You to Wildlife Research Institute/North American Bear Center for once again providing GPS tracking for the 10-Dog, 65-mile race this year. This was a huge hit as our race fans really enjoy being able to track the race online. Additionally, it was also very helpful at net-control to monitor the progress of the mushers.

♦  I would also like to take a moment to thank each and every sponsor, volunteer and board member (including the president) for the time, energy, focus, dedication, and hard work put into this race each and every year.  My wife and I have received many compliments about the great job EVERYONE did from the race start to the race finish. Congratulations to Frank Moe and Brendon Schneider on their well earned first place finishes. -- Mark Beck (Webmaster)

The winner of the 2014 10-Dog WolfTrack Classic Sled race is Bib #4 Frank Moe!! He crossed the finish line in Cook at 16:00:30. Congratulations on the well deserved win!!!

Second Place - Bib #6 Andrew Letzring at 16:02:29

Third Place - Bib #5 Matthew Schmidt at 16:08:25

Fourth Place - Bib #10 Leanne Bergen at 16:38:50

Fifth Place - Bib #8 Logan Schendel at 16:54:28

Sixth Place - Bib #11 Brian Wiese at 17:32:49

Seventh Place - Bib #7 Mel Mickelson at 17:34:02

Eighth Place - Bib #9 Bob Johnson at 18:02:41

Ninth Place - Bib #1 Adam Treeful at 18:03:34

Our Red Lantern is Bib #3 Alice White. Alice finished at 18:52:58.

 2014 10-Dog Race Full Results

The 2014 WolfTrack Classic Sled Race is proud to present the winners of the 6-Dog, 30-Mile race!!

1st - Bib #26  Brendon Schneider

2nd - Bib #24  Clayton Schneider

3rd - Bib #1  Mallory Sturmer

4th - Bib #25  Adam More

5th - Bib #10  Dusty Klaven

6th - Bib #13  JR Anderson

7th - Bib #20  Teri Gapinski

8th - Bib #23  Gail Branstrom

2014 6-Dog Race Full Results


This years race is dedicated to Doug Harris.

Doug was a Wolftrack Board Member, lover of dogs, life, adventure and people. He was killed in a logging accident in May, 2013, and has left a big hole in the hearts of those who knew him. He has run the Wolftrack race as a musher, served on the Wolftrack Board of Directors, and was one of the Trail Bosses in 2013. Doug was known for his patient gentle demeanor, his incredibly friendly, inclusive spirit, his selflessness and his ability to always take the time to ask how you were doing and lend a hand. He is dearly missed. Please take the time to introduce yourself to a new face at this year's race and continue the welcoming spirit of this race. Doug would have done the same.

Doug Harris

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