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♦ The 2016 Steger Mukluks WolfTrack Classic Board of Directors would like to take a moment to thank everyone involved in this highly successful race. Including (but not limited to); Our numerous Sponsors and Supporters, Mushers and Handlers, The Many Volunteers, Ham Radio, Veterinarians, Directors, Coordinators, and Judges. Without the hard work and dedication from this large group of individuals we would not have this great race!

We look forward to seeing everyone once again next year for the 2017 WolfTrack Classic!

Tentative dates for the 2017 race are February 25th and 26th!

2016 6-Dog, 30-Mile Race Winners!

#1 - Bib #15 Clayton Schneider, Total Trail Time - 2:10:32

#2 - Bib #16 Devon Carr, Total Trail Time - 2:21:23

#3 - Bib #9 Al Krause, Total Trail Time - 2:23:45

#4 - Bib #7 Darcy Stanley-Nord, Total Trail Time - 2:33:14

#5 - Bib #1 Neal Seeger, Total Trail Time - 2:33:14

#6 - Bib #3 Ann Stead, Total Trail Time - 2:35:18

#7 - Bib #2 Andrea DeBoer, Total Trail Time - 2:45:32

#8 - Bib #10 Linus Meyer, Total Trail Time - 2:46:14

Full results - 2016 30-Mile Results

2016 8-Dog, 50-Mile Race Winners!

#1 - Bib #8 Dusty Klaven, Total Trail Time - 4:20:03

#2 - Bib #4 Ryan Anderson, Total Trail Time - 4:21:19

#3 - Bib #2 Scott Olsen, Total Trail Time - 4:38:34

#4 - Bib #5 Mel Mickelson, Total Trail Time - 4:40:43

#5 - Bib #9 Krystal Hudachek, Total Trail Time - 4:43:50

#6 - Bib #16 LeAnn Bergen, Total Trail Time - 4:47:28

#7 - Bib #15 Jennifer Freking, Total Trail Time - 4:51:31

#8 - Bib #1 Colleen Wallin, Total Trail Time - 4:58:48

Full results - 2016 50-Mile Results


♦ The Wintergreen Northern Wear ANORAKS  winners for each race are: John Ward and Rhonda Heerschap!

We would like to thank Wintergreen for this wonderful giveaway!


♦ Best Bag Check Awards go to Adam Treeful from the 8-Dog Race with everything needed to visit an outhouse - Toilet Seat, Roll of Toilet Paper, Crossword Puzzle Book, and 2 bags of Crapola (#1 and #2). For the 6-Dog race Linus Meyer won with Farm Fresh Eggs (Note: Judges checked at the finish line and there was not one Egg broken!)

Mushers - Thank you for playing along with our shenanigans!

 The Steger WolfTrack Classic Board of Directors is pleased to announce the 2016 purse will total $7000.00!!

Purse breakdown for the 2016 races is posted on 2016 Musher Information (Very nice!!!!)


♦ Great article from Northern Wilds outlining the upcoming 2016 Steger WolfTrack Classic Sled Dog Race, written by Scott Stowell. NW_Feb16_09.pdf (awesome picture from the race start)

Exciting News! Steger Mukluks & Moccasins has once again put on their fashionable and trusty mukluks and stepped forward as the Premier Sponsor for the 2016 race. Proudly made in Ely, Minnesota, Steger Mukluks have logged countless miles on dogsled runners, polar expeditions, northern adventures and just getting about winter in comfort and style. Steger Mukluks was the proud 2015 Premier Race Sponsor and will continue as the 2016 Premier Race Sponsor. The WolfTrack Board is very excited for this continued partnership and Steger Mukluks support of the race. A heartfelt thank you goes out to Patti Steger for her ongoing support of the WolfTrack Classic since the race's beginning. Stop by their store on Sheridan Street in Ely and thank them for their support next time you're in Ely.

♦ Thanks to our BRAND NEW and all our RENEWING WolfTrack Supporters! It is wonderful to have such a large amount of community and business support. Check out our Supporters Page for the full list of all our fabulous supporters, and please thank them the next time you visit their business.

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