February 24 from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
North American Bear Center – 1926 Highway 169

One of our great sponsors and longtime supporter of the race, the Ely Veterinary Clinic will once again be on hand at the North American Bear Center parking lot to perform the pre-race veterinary exam. Every team must have this mandatory exam to ensure the dogs are in good health to run the race. The veterinarian staff’s work does not stop with the pre-race checks as they are on hand at the start and finish to check on the dogs and are available throughout the race and ready to head out on the trail if needed.

For spectators, this is a great opportunity to see every dog—over 300 will be there throughout the day. You can also talk with the mushers, who love to share their passion for their dogs and the sport. Remember though, they may be busy – getting a team ready takes a lot of time and they may not be able to talk. Be careful where you walk – there may be chains, sleds and other equipment that pose a tripping hazard. Sled dogs are beautiful animals and as a rule are friendly and great with kids. However, you should not pet one without first checking with the musher.

The Vermilion Community College Wilderness Club will be selling hot drinks and food inside the building. This is an exciting day in which you can catch the energy of the dogs and pick your favorite team to cheer for on Sunday. Bundle up the family, bring you camera and come for the day.

You know we love dogs, but it is better to leave yours at home so everyone can enjoy the event without incident.