There are several vantage points along the trail for the public to watch the mushers as they cross roads. This is a great opportunity for photos! Lead dogs are as much as 24-30 feet ahead of the musher and since the tree line is close to the road, the mushers may not be able to see on-coming traffic. Road crossing guards, called Guardian Angels, are stationed at each road crossing to protect the dogs and mushers. Road crossing guards keep an eye out for the team and stop traffic to allow the teams to safely cross. In some cases, additional road crossing guards are on hand to form a line so the dogs will not mistake a road as another trail and make a wrong turn. Spectators may be asked to help form the line – if you are asked, please follow the directions given by the road guards – we don’t want the dogs distracted or anyone to get hurt.

The Grand Ely Lodge is our host for the day. Stop by the banquet room to warm up and check the race progress as you enjoy hot coffee, hot chocolate or something stronger. Grab a bite to eat, cheer on your team and get ready to greet the mushers as they arrive for the awards ceremony.